Not Under Law


I was perusing the web a couple of days ago when I came across a sight that boasted this statement:

The Law of Christ is the law we are under in the New Covenant era.

I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I read that. I haven’t seen that or heard that in a while and it took me by surprise. It’s what I used to believe. Ten years ago, I would have been shaking my head in hearty agreement with this statement. But today, it saddens me. I saddens me because it takes away from the cross of Jesus. It saddens me because it exchanges one moral code (Moses) for another one – a newer one – and it reduces Jesus to little more than a new law-giver, not much unlike Moses. It saddens me because it misses the point of grace entirely. It saddens me because not unlike the Pharisees of Jesus’ day, it gives one permission to tie heavy burdens on the backs of those who embrace the idea, believing it to be true. It saddens me because having zealously believed that myself all those years ago, I know those who hold to that belief can’t see the fallacy of it while they’re in it.

To insist that a believer today is under law, any law, goes against the New Testament. Twice in the letter to the Romans, Paul states that a believer is not under law (Romans 6:14, 15). The lack of the Continue reading “Not Under Law”

Flirting With Moses

Let’s talk a little more about our propensity to flirt with Moses. We seem to like to get close enough to Moses to feel like we’ve accomplished something without getting so close that we can’t safely pull back. We like to bring parts of Moses and the Old Covenant into the New – those parts we deem necessary as motivation to guilt others into doing what we think they should be doing. We undervalue grace and overvalue law in that way. So let’s talk about it.

This is an abbreviated version of a longer podcast episode that’s posted on my Ekklesia Podcast. By abbreviated I mean I left in only those parts that talk about the Old and New Covenants as it relates to this blog.


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A Greater Than Moses

In this post I want to share a podcast episode from my old Ekklesia podcast. Ekklesia is a transliteration of the New Testament Greek word most often translated “church” in our Bibles. It’s a podcast I used to do in order to think out loud about some of the differences I see between many of our institutional churches and the church Jesus is planting. In this episode, I talk about the church’s preoccupation with Moses, the Ten Commandments, and the Old Covenant. We bring elements of Moses and the Old Covenant into the New Covenant and make them binding truths on believers today.

IMPORTANT:  My views on the Law of Moses being abolished have changed since recording this episode. I no longer believe that. I believe that as believers, we have died to the Law, the Law has not died. We are not under the Law, and Christ is the end of the Law for all who believe. I decided to post the episode here anyway because of the other topics I discussed.

Push ‘play’ and join me as we talk about Jesus’ superiority over Moses and the priority of the New Covenant over the Old.